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So, to my supreme disappointment, it looks like Question #37 was delayed until next week. So, while this means we won't get two Question books this week, it does mean a couple other things.
~ Next week gets two Rucka-penned Blackest Night tie-ins, one which serves the event that I'm just dreading, and another which serves the characters that I'm really excited for!
~ Next Wednesday being just two days prior to it, Question #37 now officially counts as DC's birthday present to me. Thanks guys!

But enough of that. We still have 'Tec for no-faced goodness!
About three and a quarter pages from ten.

When last we left our heroes, they'd been followed back to the lighthouse by a bad guy!

hahaha Tot
The guy says his name is Zeiss and he's been tracking them for a while, so he knows what they'll do before they do it. That doesn't seem to include the way they pull the table over to catch some of the bullets he proceeds to feed them.

Renee has Hel get Tot to safety while she takes Zeiss. (hmm, Renee doesn't have a simple three-letter nickname like the others (Vic included), maybe i should start calling her Nee?)

Unexpected? Okay, maybe he was just talking a lot of hot air when he said he could anticipate their moves. Just illustrating how closely he'd been watching, maybe?

Well, anyway, he does turn the tables on this fight, and Nee takes a nasty spill into the desk, which well...

oh you guys already know how much of a sucker i am

Zeiss closes in for the kill, but!

So Zeiss is just an assassin, so they play dead for a photo he can use to get paid, and hire him for information on his employer. This costs them two million and Hel's Lamborghini, much to her consternation.
And what do they get out of the deal?

But that's not all! And if you caught it in the previous page, you know what's coming.

Rucka's made a lot out of it in interviews that Nee and Tot don't really get along, but so far all we've seen since Crime Bible #4 is a not-all-that-grudging partnership. There isn't a lot of tension, but little camaraderie either. Perhaps thin ice waiting to crack, and it just did. Question #37 is supposed to feature this topic centrally, so I guess we can consider this a lead-in for next week.

And as a special bonus, one panel from Batman & Robin #7, introducing Kate's new role in the Batfamily!

One last thing, this is the final reminder for the folks who've claimed lines on the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada! Monday I'm gonna clear all the claimed lines that haven't been recorded and open them to another round of claims!
So if you've claimed a line you want to record, you have till the 1st!
If you hadn't claimed a line but want to contribute, keep an eye open on Monday, and you might be able to have a line for your very own!
Let's make it the best, [community profile] scans_daily!

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