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Hey, everybody, it's SUPER FRIENDS time again!

The Super Friends are hanging out on the Watchtower when Despero shows up to try to steal the Jar (of Wheel, Bell and Jar fame). He informs them that two other bad guys are attempting to collect the artifacts as well, so the Friends split up to go collect them first. Diana and Arthur team up, because that's what they do, to go after the wheel. Guess who they meet?

Y'all know what to do.

Arthur has them break the spell by diving underwater (bees don't like water, see), and they rope Zazzala.

Seriously why is Super Friends Wondy so much better than mainline Diana I don't even know.

Anyway, the Super Friends collect the artifacts and save the day.

Bees and Bracelets, and Supes throwing things into the sun. BEST TITLE EVER.

Also, just cuz I love you guys, have an activity page.

Children. My God.


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