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The now-infamous "calling Steph fat" segment from World's Finest #4 - ah, Damian, classy even in point-scoring. The byplay between these two is officially my favorite part of the Batverse right now. Writing by Sterling Gates, pretty pretty pretty art by Phil Noto.

Why yes. They are twelve.

2 1/2 pages out of a 23-page comic, 2 and change have already been posted, so we're good on all posting limits.

tag wranglers: char: batman/dick grayson, char: batgirl/robin/spoiler/steph brown, char: robin/damian wayne, char: supergirl/kara zor-el, char: superman/clark kent, creator: phil noto, creator: sterling gates, publisher: dc comics, title: world's finest

Date: 2010-02-01 12:05 am (UTC)
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The waffle fetish is out of control these days...


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