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When DC Comics decided to bring back Quality Comics characters, it only revived some of them. The most recent Freedom Fighters series (whatever it was called) gave them an opportunity to revive a few more. But there is one character DC Comics will never, ever revive. A character with an origin that, quite frankly... Well, see for yourself.

The following story originally appeared in Smash Comics #16. Art and writing by Harry Campbell.

Smash Comics 16 - Scarlet Seal - Page 1
Smash Comics 16 - Scarlet Seal - Page 2
Smash Comics 16 - Scarlet Seal - Page 3
Smash Comics 16 - Scarlet Seal - Page 4
Smash Comics 16 - Scarlet Seal - Page 5

Date: 2010-02-04 05:13 pm (UTC)
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Not to be confused with Yellowman.


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