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I was just thinking about the flying Batmobile and how I don't like it now, but I didn't mind it so much in ASBAR. Maybe because everything in ASBAR is so out there and obviously an AU as opposed to canon. It's also because of the way the car itself is drawn, turns out. And how it's on the ground a lot of the time. Anyway, thought I'd share some ASBAR pics. And one page (the last one here) that made me smile because it's just so. darn. dramatic.

These are from All-Star Batman and Robin #2 and #4.

tags: title: All-Star Batman and Robin, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, char: Alfred Pennyworth, char: Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson, char: Vicki Vale, creator: Jim Lee, creator: Frank Miller, creator: Scott Williams

Date: 2010-02-08 09:01 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] benicio127
Okay, sorry for the long bit, but I think Klock's got an excellent point.

Oh I agree. I'm just coming at this from a woman's perspective.

Oh, and I still feel the portrayal of WW is worse (much worse and more derogatory) in WW: BN than Miller's treatment from the eight pages she showed up in in ASBAR.

It's a different portrayal. I don't know if I'd agree that it's worse, but it's definitely much more subversive. I've read so little of WW that I can't comment on whether or not it was right to have her making out with Batman as being the catalyst that turns her into a Star Sapphire. (Is that right? ...I always get my colours mixed up. D:)
But my thoughts on that are if she loves all beings and everything, why not let her see people committing great acts of love and compassion, then?

Date: 2010-02-09 01:23 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] benicio127
Oh! LOL. Clearly that wasn't a full thought up there. The prof was looking at it from more of a metatextual POV, is what I should have added.
I meant to say how I was looking at it more in terms of the prof, not you. :-)

He brought up another interesting point about the medium. If ASBAR was ever made into a movie, I think it would probably be taken more seriously. And would definitely not translate.
Because in comic form, it is so over-the-top on so many levels, there is this idea that it could be a metatextual commentary on sexism/hyper-masculinity in comics.
I still can't give Miller the credit for doing that, but like I said, I'd love to read his script for it.

I particularly loved the line about Batman growing facial hair in a matter of hours. This happens in Batman: Arkham Asylum. By the end of the night, Bruce has serious five o'clock shadow going on. He is just THAT manly.

Do you think there would be an uproar if a creator ever came out and much more overtly showed or suggested Batman has a less-than superhuman sexual prowess?
Because if you think about it, it's already been suggested by Grant Morrison that Batman's seed is The Most Amazing Seed In The World.(TM) Damian is the uber-product of this.


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