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In honor of the Superbowl: SuperPro!

Greetings True Believers! I got off early from the work to watch the SB with some friends. (For all the good it did me, goddamned Saints.) I thought I'd make myself feel better by posting one of Marvel's great, late and unlamented series: NFL SuperPro!

It is perhaps the worst Marvel comic of all time. I'm glad I own an issue of it. Enjoy! For this is crack and it's what we're here for!

Suggested tags: char: superpro, title: superpro, creator: fabian nicieza, publisher: marvel comics

The plot does not matter. Something about a crime boss, game fixing and the NFL. Just roll with it!

This dude is trying to kill another dude.

Football pun, hooray!

Dude is shot by another dude. SuperPro gives chase and......cameo!

Gratuitous thy name is Spidey.

And he has a wise black friend!

The origin of SuperPro!

Some assassins go to kill a NFL player, SuperPro leaps into action!

Oh, man I wish I had #2. Quick Kick was a placekicker turned ninja. It's crazy, reading through the whole thing is like trying to solve the Lament Configuration or saying Candyman five times in the mirror. It's dangerous.

If anyone has other issues, please post them!
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No, that's Thundercats: The Return. The way Wilykit appears at the start of this "saga" he looks like a savage "man-animal." Dogs of War is the one with the somewhat stupid alien overlords, who somehow manage to conquer countless other planets, are easily defeated by their band of slaves, the Lizardians (sp?) who could have easily put an end to them at anytime, but simply chose to wait until they set their eyes on their messiah...