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A Valentine's Day request: Hulk Attempts to mate with She-Hulk

Greetings True Believers! I'm here to fulfill a request from box_in_the_box and it works even better since it's so close to V-Day. ;)

Every one knows that The Incredible Hulk wants to be left alone. But what happens when he doesn't want to be "alone" anymore? A certain jade-skinned lawyer better duck and cover! Enjoy....Sorta!

Suggested Tags: char: hulk/bruce banner, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, group: avengers, title: hulk, publisher: marvel comics, creator: paul jenkins, creator: mark texiera, theme: incest

This annual tale is called "Basic Instinct". (clever!)

Hulk is hanging out at the test ground where he was born, missing Betty and Jarella, listening to Linkin Park when he screams and leaps off into the night. At the same time Jen is chilling at the Avengers mansion wondering what Bruce is doing.

The next day the Avengers get an alert that Hulk is tearing up Central Park.

I like that page, it reminds me of Jaws.

The rest of the Avengers show up but Jen wants to try and talk Bruce down first.

Well, that didn't work well. The Avengers attack and Vision notices something strange about Hulk's behavior. Wanda puts a mental whammy on him and forces him to transform back to Bruce.

And the fight is back on but Vision has discovered the true because he watches a lot of Animal Planet.

Jen decides to ahh....take one for the team.

Kong ain't got nothing on Hulk

And Hulk is dissed and dismissed.

Hulk doesn't react well to the "let's just be friends" speech.

Emo in 3..2..1!

This always cracks me up. Jen's almost-regret at not giving it up, Hulk's manly crying-leap and Vision's animal lecture!
Happy V-Day everyone! Don't bone your cousins!
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So basically, don't shake the dude's hand?
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[personal profile] box_in_the_box 2010-02-09 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
Actually, he seems to do okay with the ladies, since pretty much every single one of his illustrations, pornographic ones included, is based on rather attractive female friends of his.

I don't even know if I can properly explain Perez - if any other artist acted the way he did, I'd no doubt be all OMG WTF GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEPY MAN, but the way he rolls with it, it's endearingly mischievous. He's like the Santa Claus of perverse fetishes.
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Of course, it helps that, as [personal profile] icon_uk will attest, George is just as likely to draw man-on-man pr0n of the guys in comics.
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He's an equal opportunity icky elf.
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Pics or it didn't happen.
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[personal profile] box_in_the_box 2010-02-10 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Hell, he's devoted POSTS to this!