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It's time for a Per Degaton post !

Per Degaton and Prof.Zee were on Batman,the brave and the bold last week.

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This is Degaton's last appearence til he shows up 8 years later in JSA.He was supposed to die,but the events of Zero hour brought him back (that's Goef John's theory)The story crossed over from the Young All star annual to the Infinity Inc annual.

The story itself was funny, cause usually Prof Zee is always making fun of Degaton and telling him to wash the test tubes (what you need test tubes for in a Time institute I have no idea)In the B&B they make Zee Degatons most loyal servant.
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you keep samples of fluid time in test tubes, obviously

because hey, if fluidic space, who's to say there's no such thing as fluidic spacetime
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In the best "all comics are dirty if you look at them right" tradition, I must admit that I'm a bit intrigued by the positioning of Mekanique's little, um, louvers in that full-body shot on the last page.
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Such a goddamn interesting villain, who really should be delved back into, heavily. In fact, in the current DCU this is someone who would be of particular use.
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In a way, he's the most logical choice for the Time Trapper, because of his unique time-loop existence. he'd be more likely than anyone to be the last thing standing at the end of time.
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Per Degaton, fuck yeah! The JSA seriously has the best villains.
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motto. Those are two of the best villains evah.

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Uh, I believe you may have posted the scans in reverse order.

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Well, yes, but the time traveler in question is going FORWARD in time, not back. Anyway, this ain't 'Memento'.