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Harbinger/Lady Quark/Pariah are my favourite side-character trio, and I'm glad at least one issue addressed what they did after Crisis on Infinite Earths before they showed up again in War of the Gods. DC Comics Presents...#94 "Challenge of the Volt Lord!" is a great silly little issue in which Lady Quark gets a love interest, Harbinger laments not having a boyfriend, and Pariah gets taken to a night-club. A punk nightclub. Oh, and they're all BFFs with Superman, which is just marvellous.

Backstory: Whilst touring the Earth to find out more about our weird ways and update the Monitor's Tapes, Harbinger, Lady Quark and Pariah arrive in Metropolis to find out more about new heroes emerging such as Booster Gold (sadly not featured). During a television interview with Clark Kent, Lady Quark meets the ~mysterious~ and ~handsome~ Eric Courtney, with whom she begins a relationship. Meanwhile, Superman is having trouble with a new villain, who calls himself Lord Volt and wants to take over the world for some reason or other they didn't really need reasons back then did they.

Oh, and Superman hugs a puppy.

The comic opens with our new villain, the Volt Lord, attacking a laboratory. And Superman. "I'm all charged up and ready to strike!" has got to be on a list of cheesy B-movie lines somewhere, amirite?

Cut to the television studio where Clark Kent has been interviewing Quark, Harbinger and Pariah. Eric totally skimps on the cab fare.

A few conflicting ideas, there.

The next day, Volt Lord attacks another laboratory; the gang are already onsite thanks to Pariah's Scooby Sense. I don't know why Superman fails to turn up in time, he just does. >.>;

I really don't see Pariah as a nightclub person.

Did people in the 80's really wear those square glasses things? Wouldn't they seriously restrict your eyesight? ._.

They all have a swimmingly good time (off-page, sadly) and the next day wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...only to have Metropolis black out and Lord Volt begin shooting up everything. Lovely.

There's a big KA-BOOM as Lady Quark blows up at Volt Lord here, but I've run out of limit to put it in >_<

Aww. Last scene is quite touching. (:

Regarding page count - the issue is 24 pages without advertisements etc. included, so I make one third of that eight pages. This post features six full pages, and then lots of little panels that together add up to a further two pages. (One 2/3s of a page, and four 1/3s of a page). That's eight altogether. :3

Suggested Tags: char: harbinger/lyla, char: lady quark/tashana, char: pariah/kell mossa, char: superman/clark kent, creator: tom mandrake, publisher: dc comics

Selling out ... or not.

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I think I do remember those glasses, but I never had a pair like that.


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