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First we've got a story about a small boy in an Air Force bar from chapter one of book one. It's cliched but touching, especially in light of the contrast between young 'full of boyish dreams' Hal and semi-traumatized, war-jaded, older Hal.

Gee willikers, ma'am! You and this bar sure are folksy!

It should be illegal for art to be this wonderful. Wait, no it shouldn't.

Aw, Hal.

Now we've got a story from chapter five (perhaps my favorite chapter along with the one in which J'onn is Bugs Bunny) of book two. Ted 'Wildcat' Grant takes a punch.

Tee hee. :3

Haha Ollie, you goofball.

Ted decides the best thing to do is take emergency contraception.

Rawr! For I am teh kitteh man and you can has knuckle sammich!

Woooo! *whistles*

I would love to post the rest of this chapter (including an adorable Iris-Barry storyline), but you'll just have to read it yourself if you haven't already.
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