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I couldn't resist, and frankly, I didn't really try!

First up are a couple of additions to my Dick Grayson / Kurt Wagner series.

My fanfic theory (as yet unwritten) is that Dick and Kurt have, since an accident involving an experimental attempt at teleporting, Margali casting a spell and the proximity of a stone circle, been meeting up on a roughly annual basis since they were both about six or seven. Neither of them (nor anyone else) remembers the events until the next meeting (except possibly as imaginary friends, and a couple of odd souvenirs, Dick's secret Smurf obsession, Kurt's "Haly Bros. Circus" poster), but they recall it all when then do meet up. Normally Kurt is the one to arrive in the DCU (Since he's the one who can teleport), but maybe not always.

I left the decision about the scenarios to The Black Cat and she provided me with scenes so good they instantly deserve their own chapters in the story...

In this first one it's early in Dick's career as Robin, possibly their first meeting since he took on the role, so he's explaining all about his new life (and the loss of his old one) and Kurt is VERY curious about Batman, so when he sees THIS, he REALLY wants to meet him.

I thought you might like to see the black and white and colour versions of this one, to show how they do add to the mood of the thing....

"So tell me, who needs a nightlight THAT big?"

In this one, maybe the next year, Dick gives in to Kurt pleading to see the Batcave and takes him for a visit. Of course, Dick has some fun and tells Kurt that the T-Rex is real, it's just dormant, and he mustn't wake him up... Cue some fun with an animatronic dinosaur, a remote control unit in a utility belt and an easily spooked Nightcrawler!

"Okay Kurt, now remember... don't make any sudden noises... or sudden moves, you'll wake it up!"

And this last one is a challenge for any artist, Warlock and Cypher of the New Mutants...

It's simple (Well, as simple as Warlock can ever be), it's fun and it's fantastic!

"It's a magical world Warlock ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!"


And for legality

And for legality, a few pages from recent New Mutants issues which deal with the ever touchy Doug/Bobby DaCosta relationship, as Doug comes to visit Magma, who he had recently seriously injured...

And one word right back atcha Sunspot; REIGNFIRE!!!

Okay, it's bugging me, WHO is Doug patterned after here, it seems obvious he's supposed to look like someone

One final snark from Bobby from the most recent issue, where he's accompanied by Doug and Warlock on a mission;

Whatever happened to the Bobby who felt guilty for taking Warlock away from the New Mutants to stay with the Fallen Angels, which led sort of almost directly to Doug being killed in the first place?

Suggested tags; char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: sunspot/roberto dacosta, group: new mutants, title: new mutants, creator: the black cat, creator: zeb wells, creator: paul davidson, genre: commission
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