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responding to dizmo's request

Perry has finally had enough of Clark's doofussery--in this case, he misses the scoop on new hero "Supernova"--and fires him (Week #10).

Gee, I hope this plan works out.

Once the stories fell into his lap. Now he falls into the lap of his stories... or something. >.>

Here's one of my favorite 52 moments. It's from Week #11 and it features Renee and Vic.

Vic, you're the weirdest, greatest therapist ever!

Thanks to whichever mod put the writers and artists in for me!

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I loved this, Clark pulling a Lois Lane was awesome and I just loved the whole Non-Superman Reporter Clark Kent thing! Especially how Busiek handled it during Up, Up and Away (I kind of wished it had lasted a little longer though).

I miss Vic :(