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Impulse and Mother Impulse

Following on from my last post, there was a request to show Bart's return to the 30h century with his mother and what happened to settle things where she let him go back to 20th century Manchester, AL.

Let's catch up...

So Bart and Mom are in the future, but apparently they can't just walk into the antiques store and pick up a Sport's Almanac for wacky temporal hijinks to ensue.

Yes, President Thawne. The Allen/Thawne enmity was a major plot-point of Waid's Flash run and has been carried over into Impulse as well.

That's future-future Legion member XS Thawne's holding. Excedrin may be needed to understand all this timey-wimey plot nonsense.

Just like in our last post, moms can do no wrongs, kids!

Bart arrives back in the 20th century, about to teeter into dangerous emo!Robin mode, but seeing the beautiful horizon he reminisces about "sunshine" and zips home to... an empty house. Yeah, I didn't have the next issue explaining where Max went to, but I don't really care.

MORE IMPORTANTLY! We finally get to know why Bart's hair is so crazy. It's a genetic defect inherited from his mother.

The "next" thing Meloni Thawne did was get knocked up by Captain Boomerang (it's the next thing in publishing time, but we haven't heard whether Bart or Owen was born first). And we really haven't heard about her since, so no idea about when she'll "see" Bart again.

7 full pages from Impulse #25 behind the cut.

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