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Impulse #26

The follow-up to [personal profile] glprime 's Impulse post, from the old s_d.

Bart, home from the 30th century, comes back to find his home completely abandoned.

Bart is initially really happy about the house being empty when he gets back from the 31st century, thinking he can be his own boss...only...

Yes, that's Preston from the abuse issue! He seems much better!

So Mr. Sheridan ( I THINK that's his name) insists on going to see Max TONIGHT at their house, to Bart's chagrin. Preston asks what's wrong and Bart replies "What do you guys say? There's gonna my place tonight?" and a random bypasser takes this literally and declares to the entire SCHOOL Bart is throwing a party in honor of his return and Bart tries desperately to deny this, but nobody listens, so...

Bart goes around trying to get help from Wally, who is no help. It basically goes like this:

Wally: Is Max gone or something? Because if he is *LOUD SIGH* I'm going to have to take care of you.

Bart: OH GOD NO ANYTHING BUT THAT. MAX IS FINE. was just checking to see if I hadn't gone to the wrong timeline and monkeys had taken over the universe. Okay, bye.

(Yeah, Bart and Wally totally hate each other)

He goes to Jesse Quick, who is also no help.

Then he goes to Tim who is...

...also no help at all. Damn it, Tim , forget whatever murder/burglary case you're working on, Bart's in trouble!

Bart comes back in time to talk to Carol, who revealed she knew his secret identity just before he left. Maybe I'll post that later! Anyway, Carol's cool with it, and Bart's cool with her knowing, so friends forever! Or you know, until Carol drops off the face of the earth,

Bart realizes someone must be about to MOVE into Max's empty house and switches the road signs. Carol tries to stop the party with no success. Fortunately she sees Max strolling outside and call him in.

I like how Carol's casually watching the TV while it's TURNED OFF.

"Go., you cyclonic urchins. Go." Max, you rock so much.

Also "I even started to...miss...never mind..." Aw, Bart.

Also as well, I wonder how those kids thought they got into the closet so quickly. I can imagine Max yellling "THANK YOU IMPULSE" or something after stuffing them into the closet. Or "WOW, WHAT A FREAK WINDSTORM." Or maybe he gave no explanation at all. You know these kids are all drunk anyway.

Those poor people.


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What Teen Titans did to Bart is the one blight on Geoff John's track record for me.