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Here's the sequel to this post; scans from Futurama issues between #25 and #42. Image-heaviness warning again.

From Futurama #25. The characters crashland their ship on a planet that resembles Medieval Ages. The crew is unharmed and finds friendly civilians, but the ship is stuck in a lake.

Bender decides that he wants to become Robot Robin Hood.

In the ending they meet King Richard the Linux-Hearted, and all is well.

Asterix reference. That was unexpected and cool. :D

Futurama #29. Professor's got this bottle that has a whole city of tiny people living in it; very much like Kandor. So Fry and Leela are informed that they need to go visit into that little bottle city.

The characters slide down the Shrinky Dinky Fun Slide to get shrunk, and they enter the city. But later on they get out of the bottle and the Planet Express building while still in mini-size, and they need to get back to ask the professor help them. For such tiny beings, going back to the building by foot would be a huge and dangerous task, so Fry gets an idea.

They manage to get back in and talk to the professor.

And this panel I'm posting only because this is the one and only time we ever saw Farnsworth's eyes, as far as I know.

Futurama #30. Fry's found one of his old Space Boy comics that he'd bought back in 20th century. No surviving copies of this particular issue exist in 31st century. So now that Fry has this rare copy, there's a great chance to make a lot of money with the issue.

Futurama #31. Nibbler's got worms. But they're not ordinary worms, and when Nibbler burps, he creates wormholes.

Soon the whole Planet Express building is full of wormholes from Nibbler's burps. Characters come and go through them.

Aliens from other corners of the universe start using the wormholes as a means for illegal immigration. President Nixon finds out about the existence of wormholes in the building. He comes to a surprise visit, informing Farnsworth that he found out about the wormholes from an inside source. Farnsworth is horrified to hear that they've got a mole working for them.

Bender's making money by trafficking illegal aliens into Earth.

Some of the aliens who arrive through the wormholes are not friendly; they want to conquer Earth.

I'm posting this next page because it makes me laugh for some reason :p

Fry and company come up with an interesting scheme: they try to persuade a lot of alien races into conquering the Earth, so that the invading aliens realize they will have to go to a war with each other if they want the planet, and then they would realize that it's not worth fighting over the planet, and they'd just voluntarily leave Earth.
Or such is the plan. Fry and Leela make up a sales pitch for alien tyrants and dictators:

Futurama #32. Farnsworth has invented a toilet called Porta Potty. When you flush it, it teleports into a random place in space and time, and then teleports back to Planet Express building. But something goes wrong. Fry, Leela, Bender and Zoidberg end up teleporting into various random locations/times. They don't know the coordinates for returning back to where they came from, so they're in a big trouble.

In the first planet to which they teleport, some dude comes asking them help in a battle.

Later in another place and time:

In Futurama #33, Bender gets in trouble because of movies he's pirated. And the story has a nice little moral in the ending:

(I didn't go check, but I don't think any of those urls work. Still, a fun bunch of panels.
Also, it reminds me of this anti-piracy joke video on one of the Futurama DVD movie extras. It's hilarious to watch anti-piracy statements coming from an incurable kleptomaniac :p)

Futurama #35. This issue is a flashback to the times when Fry, Leela and Bender decided to briefly become superheroes.

Fry's got a sunstroke and he's hallucinating.

It's funny because it's true :p

Futurama #36:

Yeah! Monty Python reference! :D

The main story of this comic deals with Fry, Leela and Bender going to the planet of New England, and we get to see a lot of jokes about the British. Then there's a secondary story taking place on Earth; Amy, Hermes and Zoidberg are unhappy because they never get to be in the spotlight.

Hermes, Amy and Zoidberg become presidents on Perfectia.

Futurama #38. The Planet Express ship has crashlanded once again on an unknown planet. Leela, Bender and Fry got separated from one another while parachuting down.

awww :[

Turns out this planet's inhabited by nerds ("we are simple jungle tech people"), and they'd pulled Bender apart to make use of his circuits and AI and stuff. They find Fry, too, and start chasing him.

Futurama #39:

Futurama #42 came out March 25th and it's the newest one. I'll refrain from posting too much because it's a recent comic, and I'll put the pics behind a link even though they're nothing too spoilery:

http://i41.tinypic.com/pvc5l.jpg - I love Morbo and Linda :)

I've posted comic pages in the chronological order that the issues were published in. But here in the end, I'll post a few pages from Futurama #26 just because it has a cool "The end" page that I want to use in the ending of this entry.

Bender's trying to gain a degree in repairing firearms, so he's getting on mail lots of futuristic cool weapons.

*enjoys all the scifi movie references there*

A teensy accident happens with one of the guns that Bender's got. The gun makes past and future duplicates of Leela; a baby Leela, teen Leela and old lady Leela appear into the Planet Express building. There's some fun stuff with different Leelas arguing with one another. In the end, stuff escalates.

Everything gets fixed near the story's end. But Bender's still got one more gun.

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