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One of my OTPs in ANY fandom is Lois and Clark. It's not even a preference, it's a Fact that they belong together. I know Lois has had a varied history, but I love her when she is shown as smart, sassy, and sexy, which is why I loved Justice League Classified #10, because it contains all three! It also shows why Lois and Clark work together so well. 6 and 1/3 pages behind cut.

To bring you up to plot: someone commits suicide by jumping off a building. He wants to be the one suicide that Superman doesn't catch. He succeeds.

Yeah I don't know why she would wear that to work.

I believe in that case, Lois would be Batman.

Do you ever think that the Lane-Kent's sex life must be reaaaaalllly kinky? The man flies around in a spandex suit after all.

And she does figure out it out, because she is the Goddamn Lois Lane. Sadly there are no cycling shorts to be seen in the rest of the story arc.

Now hopefully I didn't screw up the cut. Enjoy!

Date: 2009-04-07 05:11 am (UTC)
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That's very unkind, but also true. But I don't begrudge Ellis utilizing the craft that's obviously easier for him to do as long as he keeps up the real stuff like CRECY. Or CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, which is quite nice. Completely fucking insane, but nice.

I don't know what's the obsession with balls though.


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