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The four teens (and a baby) head down the corridor towards Death-T2. In his tower Kaiba continues to watch his precious hated rival.
'I built this this theme park for Yugi...at great cost''.  Yes,nothing says I love despise you quite like a multimillion dollar lethal tourist attraction. Jeez, Kaiba, talk about obsessive.
Meanwhile, Anzu complains about having to be the one to carry Jouji, something the baby is very pleased about. Even Yugi is getting jealous.

It doesn't take long for them to reach Death-T2....


Joey looks as if he's about to crap himself. 

They are greeted by a midget (Kaiba's butler) who guides them onto a ghost train.

 Unfortunately Honda's voice does not him enough super strength to break out of the bonds, so they're stuck for a while.

Now it's time for the rules.


They all manage to survive the first scare (with a lot mental screaming and swearing) but the butler did it has a trick up his sleeve.

He tries to torture them into screaming via burning and tickling etc.

Anzu looks less like she's scared and more like she's having a painful orgasm. Baby Jouji is pissed off; no one makes Anzu have an orgasm scared and he's going to teach the guy a lesson, since he's the only one with the advantage of not being secured.

Check out that smirk on Jouji's face. 'Yea, I just totally defecated on a guy...and then I killed him!'

So the day is saved (albeit  in a rather gross manner) by Jouji and the gang head off to the next stage, Murder Mansion (gee Kaiba's imaginative with these stage names), leaving the frying and dead butler behind to rot. GO TEAM!

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