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Eddie scenes in Gotham City Sirens 9

Ted Grant, personal trainer to sexy vigilante women!

I just had to add this. My only wish is that Wildcat would have walked away saying .... "Darn whippersnappers...!" XDDD

I love the way Dini writes Eddie's inner monologue here. Eddie, you sneaky, narcissistic bastard.

I read this and I was like... That was good. I'm liking this Eddie --- OH SNAP.

From Tony Daniel's blog

Preview for Batman 699....

Eddie! Oh Eddie! What happened to your lips! And that's Dick, posing on a pile of garbage or something....

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I really did love this book. It seems like it's going to be Eddie's last hurrah as a PI before Daniel puts him back to his older supervillain days.
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So they tease us with how good he could be as a downmarket Question, only to take it away from us?

"Ah, ah! No clever unravelling of puzzles for you!"