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Green Lantern #52 covers

From DC's blog:

title: green lantern, char: sinestro, event: blackest night, creator:shane davis, creator: doug mahnke
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Fuck Yeah!
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the only thing that kills that first cover for me is the Snidely Whiplash quality to his moustache.

I'm expecting him to tie Star Sapphire to a set of train tracks any second.
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I'm expecting him to tie Star Sapphire to a set of train tracks any second.

I would totally read that. Particularly if that Star Sapphire was Hal.

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Ah, that's how the mustache has always been. In the first arc of the current Booster Gold series, his past self twirled it merrily when he was informed that he'd have his own Corps.

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GL #52 and GLC #46 are probably gonna be required reading, leading into "Blackest Night #8" at the end of the month.

Bring it on DC. Bring it on.
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Oh god, Sinestro's fusing Yellow and Green. We can't possibly have a lime-green Lantern...or COULD we?!?
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Have they signed a product-placement deal with Sprite and its great lymon taste?

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Go, White Lantern! Go Right NOW!
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But I don't think he is a good balance of those seven emotions.
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Of course he isn't a good balance of those seven emotions. Nobody is.

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I'm trying to decide if this development makes this comic funnier or not.
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What the WHAT?!?
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I'm not entirely sure I want space-Hitler to be the all powerful white light embodiment's host.
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You know when you talk about Space "Hitler" being the embodiment of "all powerful white" light it sounds all kinds of wrong.
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Indeed, I did not realize nor intend the implication.

Space Hitler's also a little strong since I'm not sure if Sinestro's destruction of star sytems is in continuity anymore, so Space Stalin seems better suited.
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You know, he looks like a young and pissed John Cleese. All we need now is for him to taunt us. To tell us our father smelled of elderberries.
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"Larfleeze, do you have any cheese at all?"

"Yes! Of course, this is a cheese planet!"

"Now, I am going to ask that question again, and if you say "No" I am going to blast pure white light through your head. Do you have any cheese at all?"

"...No. Mine."


"Oh, what a senseless waste of...actually, never mind."

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Am I the only one who looks at the first cover and fully expects Sinestro to yell out "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"
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So Sinestro is a white lantern now heh?
Nick Griffin called, would like to request a membership.
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I'm going to be honest, I actually like seeing that Sinestro isn't a straight up 2d villain. The blackest Night Arc has really shown why the Guardians selected him at first. The added slide in of his love of Abin Sur's Sister even the fact he only wanted to control Kougar to bring peace and order to his unruly planet.

Frankly Sinestro is the only one to give in to all the emotions completely.

1. Will, he was one of the greatest lanterns of his time.
2. Fear, when he was alone in the power battery and discovered Parallax first.
3. Anger, at Jordan for his disgrace and fall from his post as the most respected lantern.
4. Love, his love for Abin Sur and his home planet.
5. Avarice, to take back what was his, to reconquer his planet and to reclaim his corps. The want to reclaim the spotlight in the universe after his fall.
6. Hope, his Hope for hal Jordan being his perfect successor (pre Hal selling him out) further his Hope for bringing Peace to his planet by conquering it.
7. Death, He has died several times.

So yes he is a perfect candidate for white.
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What about compassion?

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Is there a context to your icon? Because...yeah.
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::looks:: OMG that is so gross! He's wailing about Gwen...did he eat her?

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XO White is so not Sinestro's color. He looks awful in that costume. Maybe if they darkened his fuschia skin tone..
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Still not Sailor Moon enough. I'm sorry, but I know who the One True White Lantern is, and Sinestro is just not bishoujo enough.
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Yea not enough ribbons, angel feathers, hearts, and suggested nudity during the transformation sequence.
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...I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's the placement of the lanterns.

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I HAVE to know - where the hell did the images for your icon come from? Is there context, or is it just an internet fan-creation?
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first Marvel Zombies Return issue.

Zombie Spider-Man lands on an alternate Earth and proceeds to decimate its Sinister Six.

Only their Sandman escapes, later happening across the native non-zombie Spider-Man. Mistaking said Spider for the zombie, he proceeds to.. stuff his sand-self down the former's throat and explode outwards.

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