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Some cheeriness from The Black Cat to lighten our Monday

A new commission from her second DA account. Not one of mine I hasten to add, and if I'm spoiling someone else's reveal I'm sorry, but this is just so cute! :)


Sweet... Ted looking all keen and happy just to be out with his pal, but one does have a definite suspicion that Booster has something MORE on his mind.

And for legality


Sure you're not guys... at least not that you're aware of... yet.
tags - char: booster gold/michael jon carter, char: blue beetle/ted kord, creator: the black cat, genre: commission
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A successful first commission ever nonetheless.
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You know, I might just be surprised to hear that TBC got commissions that weren't from s_d members!
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But the second and third are slightly diminished. Fourth and fifth more so. A hundred commissions later you're at an art museum screaming for the tour guide to draw a stick figure of Black Canary for $10.

Of course it may be different for others.