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Browsing through an old image folder, I found a couple of interesting Legion of Superheroes titbits

Whilst digging through a folder of images which I haven't looked at in years, I was delighted to find these which I located years ago, but haven't been able to find since.

Back in 2001 Steve Lightle did some sketches for a proposed animated version of the Legion of Superheroes which never got off the ground (It would be another 5 years before a Legion cartoon series actually hit the airwaves, and would be quite different from this)

Bear in mind these are sketches, not finished designs. You can see the aim was to significantly reduce the average age of the Legionnaires, whilst the bad guys tended to look the way they always had.

Here we see the core three Legionnaires, plus Brainiac 5 (and Koko, B5's "pet" monkey for a deal of the post Zero Hour Legion, and a hark back to the Silver Age Brainiac, who kept a white space monkey as a pet, presumably to give him someone to monologue to). They're facing off against the Fatal... ummm. Four, as Mano appears to be out having a manicure or something.

"EMERALD EYE!!! I Choose you!!"

As you will note, the Pokemon craze was in full flow when this was being put to gether, as one of the concepts seriously considered was having either side able to upgrade their powerset into a new form, or most likely two new forms as fights escalated...

Lightning Lad appears to upgrade to Johnny Thunders Thunderbolt, and then Zzzax, whilst the Empress goes to a Genie type mode with the eyeball extending from behind her on a thick optic nerve, and then an unattached flaming eyeball!

Not sure how I think that would have played as a cartoon, and if I recall correctly Mr Lightle was not terribly enthused by the idea, but they're a cute couple of images I thought you might like to see.

The legality scans comes from this rather fun comics website, and is a copy of THE Legion poster put together by in remarkably Keith Giffen.

And since no one does a crowd scene like Perez, it's only fair to give hiim his chance from "Legion of Threee Worlds"!

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