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First, the latest member of the Red Lantern Corps.

from Champ

Then a reaction to recent, spoilery developments in Blackest Night.

And finally, a legality scan.
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Date: 2010-03-04 08:21 am (UTC)
stig: "It Was A Boojum..." (Default)
From: [personal profile] stig
I too have been the bearer of bad tidings against the new series, mostly because in his entire history on the show Davies wrote a single episode ('Gridlock') where the creativity was not swamped by the need for childishness and thirst to see blood spilled.

I can't stand chavvy old Rose Tyler, I don't like the new Cybermen compared with the classic ones, I'm appalled by the writer's ridiculous need to appeal to the kid's audience first for a sci-fi series originally intended for adults (imagine them remaking a series of Star Trek that way), so that the climax of many episodes seems like it's been written by a 8-year-old - "And then, erm, er, ALL THE DALEKS ARE DISAPPEARED FOREVVER AN' EVER!", "And then the Master dances around and puts the Doctor inna cage 'cos he's silly!", etc. - while simultaneously upping the body count to troubling levels. The last two episodes displayed graphic cannibalism as Christmas teatime entertainment. What?

Also, Simm's Master was rubbish. Give us a new direction, sure, even give us a Master who smiles a bit, but make sure he looks capable of tying his bloody shoelaces together.

Date: 2010-03-04 11:12 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] zordboy
"...where the creativity was not swamped by the need for childishness and thirst to see blood spilled."


Oh my lord, this.

That was really the deal-breaker, for me, on RTD's run. The sheer number of bodies that piled up around the Doctor while everyone else sung his praises. What is this, 90s comics? My picture of the Doctor is the guy who doesn't save people's lives, he just apologises for the fact that he won't. And if people weren't dying en masse, they're killing themselves in horrific and gory fashion -- because that's what he inspires in people. RTD seems to have this idea that the only way to be a good human is to be a dead one. And for me, it approached snuff films.

There's aliens in a school that the Doctor, Rose, Sarah-Jane and Mickey are investigating -- of course the teaching staff die grisly deaths. An entire ship of people are killed by a robot crew (where he goes back to France), the angels on the Titanic ship kill probably *thousands of people* , a guy gets torn apart by a werewolf, whenever the Cybermen are onscreen we get screaming victims having their brains ripped out of their bodies. Whenever a monster is on the loose, it has to have killed dozens before the Doctor stops it. The Doctor finds that the Daleks, stuck in the 1930s, have murdered thousands of people -- but it's okay because he manages to save the pig-face guy (he doesn't actually reverse the mutant-pig-process, just keeps the guy alive).

A chick throws herself out of an airlock and into the sun (!) in "42", which is where it just got funny. What, she couldn't have been getting mauled to death by a werewolf, having her brain ripped out of her body, getting her limbs hacked off, being electrocuted and lasered to death ALL AT THE SAME TIME? That wouldn't have been suitably dramatic?

("Midnight" was also pretty funny. Oh noes, it's wrong to throw someone out of the airlock! ... unless the Doctor's life is in danger, then it's fine)

Steven Moffatt's episodes seem to have the least body-counts, but even then -- in "Blink" (which I absolutely loved either way, but...), the Doctor's plan on stopping the weeping angels is contingent on leaving those two people (Sally's girl friend, and the black cop) trapped in the past. As opposed to figuring out a way to stop the angels and then using his fucking time machine to nip back and save them.

I mean, it's too much! I can't even think about "Waters of Mars", where the dilemma of the day is, "Should I actually bother to save these people, or just let them all die screaming?" And by the time he does get off his ass and do something, they're all dead anyway! Most of them. And of course, one of the survivors kills themselves in a horrific fashion because that's what the Doctor does to people.

And I'm sorry, I really am (and now I even sound like Ten) if any huge fans of the franchise are reading this and becoming offended at my criticism. But it's just too much. I want my heroes -- particularly the ones whose press is a pretty constant "He's so amazing and wonderful and awesome and heroic!" -- to actually save people, not wander around leaving nothing but carnage behind him.

And I know, that's not the Doctor's fault, it's this pathetic attitude of his creative team to crank up the body count higher and higher, and you know. I just can't deal with that. Like I said above, RTD needs to see a competent psychiatrist, because this constant need his characters display to commit suicide in gory fashion, I just absolutely hated it. I'm sorry. But I did.

I don't even remember which episodes display "Graphic cannibalism as teatime entertainment", because that's a lot of them. And it all just got too much for me.

I remember watching "Gridlock" and being *sure* the two kidnappers would die horrible deaths, only to be shocked when they actually lived. But never fear! An episode back, a living screaming teenage boy gets ripped to shreds by three alien witches. Hurray!

Fuck you RTD. Fuck. You.

I apologise to the Who-fans in the audience for this rant. But I stand by it.

Date: 2010-03-04 12:46 pm (UTC)
stig: "It Was A Boojum..." (Default)
From: [personal profile] stig
I stand by it too. You've masterfully summed up the problems I most object to in Ten's reign. ESPECIALLY the Waters of Mars: "Well, contrary to everything I've ever said before, I think I WILL change the course of history and save this heroic space captain...oh bugger she's killed herself, WHAT HAVE I DOOONE!?"

It's funny, because when I saw that season finale with Davros, we got to the point where they flashback to all the deaths that Ten has caused, and my family were all just nodding, going "Well, yes, Davros does have a pretty good point there". You'll notice there's also a casual bit of racism thrown about here and there - in that episode, Jackie "Most Insultingly Stupid Supporting Character Ever" Tyler gets to survive but the poor Muslim woman next to her is vaporized, and in the Titanic one the only survivor out of thousands is the first mate and the old rich white guy. Oh, and Kylie, now reprising her Moulin Rouge role as a sparkly fairy.

(How stupid was that episode, BTW? An entire starship full of human figures wearing human clothes, eating human food and served by robots in the shape of the human idea of an angel, and a walking red conker as the token weirdo, and we're supposed to react to them as alien tourists with no knowledge of Earth culture at all? Bloody lazy work on the FX department, I can tell you. Why not throw a couple of Ice Warriors in there?)

I was referring to The End Of Time in my cannibalism comment - and there, we were also given the nice spectacle of the Doctor acting as if he'll become a different person entirely when he regenerates (i.e., without the same memories) and thus whinging about it, then - unlike EVERY SINGLE OTHER regeneration, even the non-canon ones - halting his change from body to body by hours and hours so that the cast & writers can go on a saccharine trip down memory lane/ten years later. It didn't work at the end of The Deathly Hallows, and it didn't work then. Oh, and of course, in the finest tradition of last words (One: "This is not the end, my dear", Three: "Where there's life, there's hope", Four: "The moment has been prepared for")...we get "I don't wanna go".

Purely pathetic on their part. I do hope the new creative team resurrect the idea of the Doctor as an unapologetic bastard - the shot in the trailer of him bitterly firing a gun and bashing a Dalek with a hammer seems to support that notion.

Date: 2010-03-05 12:02 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] zordboy
I hadn't noticed the racism points, but I think you're right. To be fair, wasn't there another survivor that followed the Doctor on the Titanic? The *second* old rich white guy? >_< And even Kylie had to commit suicide at some point. Gah! It took me years before I would let myself watch that special, and when I finally did, I saw that I'd guessed right, it *was* horrible.

And for all his bullshit -- and I think omnicidal maniacs are generally full of bullshit -- I agree with your family. Davros kind of had a valid point there. Even the Doctor acknowledged that in "The End of Time" with Wilfred -- "I don't kill. I got clever, and manipulated other people into killing themselves". And that's true. And just a little deplorable. But it's hard to be mad at him specifically when it seems to be the entire theme of the show.

Date: 2010-03-06 01:17 am (UTC)
skalja: Ultimate Spider-Woman posing like a BAMF (doctor who: bad wolf)
From: [personal profile] skalja
I'm appalled by the writer's ridiculous need to appeal to the kid's audience first for a sci-fi series originally intended for adults

This is untrue. BBC's online archive of Doctor Who concept documents make it very clear that the show was carefully designed to appeal to as broad a swathe of the population as possible. Long prior to the 2005 revival DW had long-standing cachet as a children's show that adults could watch with their kids and which kids found pleasingly terrifying.

That said, I am sick to death of Russell T. Davies, but wanting Doctor Who to appeal to children is not one of his flaws.


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