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Phonogram - The Singles Club #1

*No Magic

Meant to do this yesterday, but my internet's been giving me trouble.

The second series of Phonogram ended last month, and in that time I've absolutely fallen in love with it, so I figured I'd share. I'll try to showcase an issue each day, as the internet'll allow me.

So let's take it from the beginning.
About five and two-thirds out of seventeen pages (you could argue that the title page also counts, since all the later stories incorporate it, but we'll err on the side of caution here). With regards to [personal profile] iskander for pages posted previously.

(pay attention to those last few line, it's called "foreshadowing")

Meet Penny B.

She'll be your host for the evening on our visit to Never On A Sunday.

She's actually forgetting the other two rules of the evening, but you don't need to make a rule to get Penny B to dance, and, well, we'll get to the other one when it comes up (though, for the record, she's already broken it on this page).

I'll skip the part where we meet Marc and his serious friend Lloyd for page limits. Boys aren't what Penny's all about, anyway. For her, it's all about the dance.

The worst? Oh, Penny just doesn't know our DJ. Some of you have already seen the fearsome Seth Bingo on the back cover and know how much worse he can make a refusal, but Penny's about to learn for herself. Here's where that third rule comes back to bite her.

Shot down in flames, Penny sees Marc leaning against a wall and decides to pick herself up and make the best of things as the wail of "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above" begins. Her timing couldn't be worse, but we'll talk about that tomorrow.

Things don't go well for Penny after this. She thinks the DJ's stolen her magic, her friend Laura's ditched her, and, while feeling utterly defeated, he asks Lloyd if anything's wrong with her only to be told that she's "a precious, self-serving, egotistical bitch who feeds off people's attention like a leech."

And just then, when she's at her lowest, that's when the magic happens.

i've kinda butchered these next few pages for the sake of a compressed narrative
they're not totally ruined, but they originally had reaction shots from everyone else
which not only does a lot for the timing, but serves to introduce most of the cast
but enough of that

"Sorry," Penny tells us, "I'm really sorry."

You enjoy yourself, doll.

Now, while there are gratuitous references to musical things throughout the tory, I'd dare say they aren't essential to the enjoyment of the comic. Matter of fact, I was unfamiliar with the majority of them when first I read this.

Nevertheless, for those of you that must know, I've frankensteined together the relevant bits of the glossary for you. So open up a Youtube search box and enjoy!
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Hey, Seth: tppppth!

But man, this art. This art makes me want to find a song to go get lost in and dance like no one can see me.
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OhmygodsYESplease! *tries to work out what she'll have to cut from her budget to buy that*
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This art is fantastic. The added coloring is SUCH a treat, as good as the black-and-white pages of Rue Brittania were.