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I'm pretty much sure that I'm not the only member of this comm that subscribes to City of Heroes/City of Villains, the MMORPG  that lets you create heroes and villains and pit them against each other or other foes. I'm also pretty sure that I'm not the only CoH player that subscribes to Francis Ray Ottoman's credo that, if you're gonna look at someone's butt for four-hundred-odd hours, it should be one that you like looking at. CoH is noted among MMORPGs for the high degree of customizability of characters at the onset of character creation, although certain pieces are either unlocked through performing missions or reaching a certain level or length of subscription, or by buying them either with the in-game currency or real money. This, of course, brings us to the subject at hand (phwoar!). What are some of the options for rolling yer own bootyliciousness? (I'm only showing the female options because that's my area of interest; otherwise-enclined s_d/CoH people may do their own post.)

First, you have to decide on a booty--er, make that body type. (There are slider controls to shrink or grow different body parts; sadly, the badonkadonk isn't one of them.) There are four basic body types; below are contrasted the "average" and "heavy" types.          
It's almost like, I dunno, it's trying to point out something.

Aside from the all-over-covering costume options, you also have categories like "Tops (or Bottoms) With Skin", which is just what it says on the label. Although many of them are oriented more toward revealing other parts of the body, there are also some nice tuchus options. Here's the Witch Bare option, whose parts resemble an extremely famous logo:

Let's see Steph or Kate rock that look! (No, seriously, let's.) 

Some of the costumes, however, leave a bit to be desired from the rear view perspective. Hearts Plus (below) looks nice from the front, but in back, you can see why some players call it the "butt bra": 

Then there's the Metal option, which from this angle (and in this color) gives the impression that a king crab is doing something rather rude to our heroine:
That's all I have for now, but again, if any other players have favorite asstastic costume options, feel free to post 'em. And, finally, for legality, here's a splash page from the City of Heroes comic, #18:
She's an evil-alternate-universe counterpart of one of the "signature" heroes, and her name is Dominatrix. (No, really.)      

Suggested tags: medium: mmorpg, title: city of heroes
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