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ASM Annual 18: Spider-Man ♥ J. Jonah Jameson.

I've been a bit surprised at the complete lack of Spider-Man entries for Gratuitious Butt-Shot Week. I mean, come on -- they're the Spectacular Spider-Buttocks! The most famous ass in Marvel, and justifiably so!

I tried to find some examples in my scans folder, but I keep forgetting that I have so many files in there I can never find anything on purpose. However, I did finda little gem from ASM Annual 18 (plot Tom DeFalco, writer Stan Lee, pencils by Ron Frenz, cover date 1984) which I'm sharing with you now. In a way it's good that I'm posting this today, because it's a nice antidote to the ridiculousness with Peter and Jameson going on right now.

And now I challenge you all -- bring on the Spider-Butt!
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I too have been shocked about the lack of Spidey butt shots.
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Everybody, meet my new icon. New icon, meet everybody.
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I cannot believe that this has not been posted before - this page is simply amazing
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I'm afraid I only have this manipulation of the real reason for Civil War:

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I hope someone else can provide details, I've had this from back in s_d 1.0.

Oh, I see you took a cut of Peter web-bombing Johnny also -- but you decided to cut out the tee-heeing MJ behind him. I hate you and your superior talent Nice job! :)
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Nice! I'm trotting out my old ones. Time for me to start showing Marvel some love, I think.

So MJ is off-panel? I must have gotten this icon from a different image?

Either way, I can still hear Johhny ranting... XD
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Joe Q clearly got to you!
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What BND brought us

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