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Midnighter, friend to small children and animals

In my final post from Midnighter's solo series, here's Midnighter rescuing kitties.

And then there is a bunch of fighting and it turns out the animals are being stolen for some mad scientist's experiments. Midnighter kicks everyone in the head.

That was Issue 8 and four years ago and Christos Gage still remains to me as "the writer who had Mindy rescue a kitteh".

suggested tags: char: midnighter, char: jack hawksmoor, creator: christos gage, creator: john paul leon, publisher: wildstorm
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Titan (mom's bulldog) would totally resort to the lasers if it meant he'd get ice cubes or Belle's food.

Belle would just use her laser eyes to dig holes in the ground and hide in them. XD
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Kiwi, Bindi and Peanut (our 3 Basenjis) would combine their laser power and destroy in no particular order: the vacuum cleaner, the UPS guy (who has the audacity to come to the door and ring the bell and then leave!), and any and all things with polyfill - for polyfill is apparently 'the enemy'.
God, I miss my sofa.
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Could be worse. I know a cat that wouldn't be able to stop chasing herself.