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Skalja got us started in her Spider-Butt post, with some of Peter's more...interesting 80s fashion choices. But when I think of bad 80s fashion, rendered oh so lovingly, my thoughts immediately turn to...

Glitter Graphics -

And there will be more, oh yes, there will be more once I get into my archive discs. But for now, a little something I found in Marvel Fanfare #38 when I was looking for my butt shot week posts.

Uh-huh. Okaaay. It was 1988, and Rogue does need to cover up completely. But let's turn to the back cover pinup for a closer look at Dazzler's club clothes, shall we?

And as a bonus, here's the Hot Cool Famous Dudes they hook up with, P.J. James and Makoto Suzuki.

(That's two pages from a 7-page story, plus the back cover pinup, should be legal)

And another bonus - the main story in MF #38 is a Moon Knight story called "Whatever Happened to the Podunk Slam?" I read the thing and I've still no idea, but let's meet our teen heartthrobs, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Podunk Slam. OK, those are stage clothes. But don't you want your stage clothes to look better than street clothes?

But wait! There's more! Somewhere trolling along the intarwebs I found a .cbr for something called the DC Fall Fashion Special 2001. Three pages plus covers.

....yeah. I'm takin' my fashion advice from DC. Sure.

Fashion tags! char: dazzler/alison blaire, char: moon knight/marc spector, char: rogue/anna marie, creator: eduardo risso, creator: amy keyishian, creator: bill sienkiewicz, creator: colleen doran, creator: jo duffy, creator: judith hunt, creator: terry austin, group: x-men, publisher: dc comics, publisher: marvel comics, series: atrocious fashion week, title: dc fall fashion special 2001, title: marvel fanfare
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