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WW webcomic, ponies, and cosplay materials...

So because everyone needs more Wonder Woman, because I feel that s_d deserves more cosplaying examples, intros to webcomics, and just overall randomness (and because I'm procrastinating life), I give you a purely WW-inspired post.

First, we have the webcomic, "The Non-Adventures of Wonderella" by Justin Pierce. I'm sure most of you here on s_d would enjoy this comic, considering all the parodies that are in this comic. Here's just the first page, which I think pretty much sums up the tone of the comic.
Edit: Since the first page was already posted, here's a Miller version of the comic.

So after the WW parody, we have a...Wonder Woman My Pretty Pony!?

Yes, thanks to Devianart artist trillions and the customer who commissioned the piece, now we know what Wonder Woman would look like if she ever was hit by a "My Pretty Pony" stick.

And the final Wonder Woman artifact? A little something I happened to stumble upon and take a picture of:

Yes, you saw that right: the armor to the right in both of those pictures are Wonder Woman armor, complete with tiara, chest plate, and golden girdle (but missing the bracers :(). Unfortunately I do not remember the small business that made such a beauty, but I believe the whole set went for about $500.

What do you guys think?

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