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Atrocious Fashion Week: Bea and Tora, plus Roy butt

Dug into my long box for some fashion fun and Roy bum.

First some Roy, this is from the 1997 one shot Batman + Arsenal

Roy's my favorite, but Nightwing beats him butt-wise.

And now a two pages from 1988's JLI Annual number 2 where my third favorite female couple best friends*, Fire and Ice go to a modeling agency.

Bea looks okay, except for the necklace. But, my god, what is Tora wearing? Are those ankle socks? And note, they hadn't changed their names yet -- Bea is still "Green Flame" and Tora is "Ice Maiden"

Poor Bea. She should have worn a green trash bag to go with her hair. Couldn't have been worse than what Tora's wearing.

*in case you care, Dinah/Babs, Cass/Steph

char: fire/beatriz da costa, char: ice/tora olafsdotter, publisher: dc comics, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, title: justice league international, creator: j.m. dematteis, creator: keith giffen, series: gratuitous butt shot week, series: atrocious fashion week

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