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Hercules! Hero of song and story! Hercules: Fall of an Avenger

Greetings True Believers! I picked up Hercules: Fall of an Avenger and it is a fitting tribute to the Prince of Power. Funny, dopey and sweet like Herc himself. Here a few scans I know S_D is going to love! Let's just say that Snowbird isn't the only member of Alpha Flight with fond memories of the Herc-Machine. Enjoy!

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At Herc's "Hercules was awesome" party everyone is drinking and swaping tales about him. But who has the most to say about the Mighty Hercules? That's right, the ladies. Namora warns her cousin to "cover his delicate ears".

Love Thor's "Yeah, that's my boy!" look on his face!

In the second tale, Athena tells Venus to settle Hercules' estate. It turns out he wasn't a bum. He just bought thing, businesses and places and then forgot about them! Namora tags along as they investigate the "Happy Day Toy Store".


Also Venus informs women around the world that Herc has passed. :(

Awwww. This two-shot is shaping up to a more then fitting tribute to Hercules!
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Thor obviously has been to Svartalfheim a few times; he knows all about the Elven Tickler.

I found it interesting to see Paul Tobin writing the backup here, as opposed to Parker. The Atlas crew has kind of been his preserve exclusively to this point, but it's nice to see other creators use them.
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I LOVED that Namor had a "?" when asked who else laid with Hercules, but i LOVED even more was that Northstar said "Is THAT the time, gotta go!" heehee, oh Herc! now i wana see Northstar with a little "Herc" action figure or something :)
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I really do love that the series embraced that aspect of Greek Mythology and then took it out for drinks.

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but i LOVED even more was that Northstar said "Is THAT the time, gotta go!"

That was the part I had qualms about. Not that Jean-Paul got some from Herc, but that he'd have acted embarrassed and cagey about it after the fact rather than standing up along with the ladies and being as in-your-face about it as possible.
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Hahahaha Wolverine's face in that panel.

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Yeah, when you can make Wolverine have a face like that, you've officially won life.

*Pours a bottle of ambrosia on the sidewalk* party on in heaven dude.
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Ok, I have to buy it, even if only for Namor's OMGWTF?! face.

And is it just me or are they strongly impying that him and Northstar did the deed? Because if yes, then Marvel, I take back what I';ve been saying about you! except for Civil War, BND, Planet Hulk's ending and WWH
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I believe that IS the implication, yes, AND THAT IS AWESOME (although, I wonder why JP is embarrassed by it :D)

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yeah they implied it.

if you read "Sacred Invasion," he flirts with a couple of the male gods, as well as remembering his fellow argonaughts rather "fondly," also mention of his Eromenos Hylas so yeah. you are correct sir

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What's Green Arrow doing there?

It amuses me to no end that Hercules had all these things but forgot about them and yet it makes very good sense. Even Hercules pointed out he doesn't remember alot of his past.

Totally have to get this.
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What's Green Arrow doing there?

After killing Prometheus, he had the Shade take him to a well-written story, just to remind himself what it was like to appear in one.

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Hercules + Northstar = Awesome and Hilarious.

Seriously, that was just unexpected and awesome. Anyone who reads comics and has a problem should remember that Herc is ancient Greek so this totally jives historically with male/male relations which were not only common but accepted at the time.

Go Marvel, and go Northstar.
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I love that Northstar got to be with someone, he so rarely gets the chance :)

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Also: "twenty-eight graphic minutes later."

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Much LOL ^__^

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Alsso, I don;t think that's Athena? That's Venus, the new Goddess and Agent of Atlas, along with whom I think is Herc's Greek wife.
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I'm not sure how in-character it is, but I love that they go out of their way to remember Herc as the God of Knocking Boots.

Also, I just wanted to be the last person in America to use that phrase.
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Why would you announce that at a party?
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What? That you'd had fantastic sex with a God? Why not?

A man walks into a confessional

Man: Forgive me father, I have sinned.
Priest: Please tell me, what was your sin?
Man: Last night I had sex with a pair of college coeds.
Priest: Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?
Man: I've never been to confession. I'm Jewish.
Priest: Then why did you come here to tell me this?
Man: Good God man, I'm 84 years old! I'm telling EVERYONE!

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Wow, the art for the Hercules special is atrocious.
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I was down on it at first, because all the women look alike with different coloring, but Thor's face made up for that, and then some.
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What issue is the image outside the cut from?

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Ah, Snowbird. <3 And one panel of Northstar that just launched a thousand kink-meme requests. ;)

I've actually missed the little "see this issue" caption boxes, so yay for nostalgia.

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Sadly, the Kink Meme is closed to new requests until more of the ones already up are filled.

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The only thing that could have made this scene better was if Jennifer had been there.

...but of course she'd being Loeb'd right now.
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Actually, the more I think on Northstar being there, the more I bet there was some arm-twisting done.

Northstar: Narya? What are you doing here...? Non. Absolutely not. There is no reason for me to be there.
Snowbird: He stood as a friend to Marrina. More than a friend to me. And to you.
Northstar: It was one night!
Snowbird: But a very good night?
Northstar: *sigh* Fine. One more funeral will not kill me...
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THIS needs to be canon.

Also, where's Shulkie? Didn't Herc and Jen knock boots as well?

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It is true though: Hercules is the hottest hero.
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Is the Turkish woman supposed to be gray-haired? If so, it's a nice allusion to Herc's immortality.
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So, Jean-Paul and Herc? He should be flattered. Herc turned down Alexander the Great.
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I do wonder about Athena's request to total up Herc's property. I don't remember how things were done in the old days, but modern style, his wife Hebe owns it all.
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Hebe has a lot to deal with right now. She just reconciled with Herc only to lose him. Athena stepping in makes sense.

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