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Green Lantern Corps #46

This is from Green Lantern Corps #46, by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

Kyle gets dragged into the refrigerator (which has a Black Lantern symbol magnet)...

Alex says that Kyle is responsible for her death and tries to force him to kill himself by using his own ring against him.

"...I won't!"

Kyle destroys the fridge, then gets the Indigo Tribe's Munk to help him sever the connection with the Black Lantern. Kyle tells Alex to rest in peace.

title: green lantern corps, creator: peter j. tomasi, creator: patrick gleason, event: blackest night
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"You're dead, but you dying made me a better person so it's okay."

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What is "Things You Should Never Say at your Girlfriend's Funeral" Alex?
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Lampshading the trope doesn't make it any better, especially when Kyle sums it all up by repeating that the most important thing about her life (and death) was how it affected his character.