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Greeting True Believers! Here are a couple of scans from Dark Avengers #15. The Tower is under attack and Bullseye takes the opportunity to take care of something/someone. Spoilers and enjoy.

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This takes place during the Siege: The Cabal one-shot.

Doom and Norman are fighting in the Avengers Towers, the building is being evacuated and Bullseye takes the helicopter that Lindy (Sentry's wife) is one. After a previous Void-event, Norman tells Bullseye to kill Lindy because of her effect on Bob's mind.

Bullseye flies her out over the ocean.

Bullseye talks about a "frumpy woman married to an almost-god". He talks about the amount of ass Bob is missing out on.

Lindy gets a first-class ticket to big fridge in the sky.

Bullseye returns to Avengers Tower after the battle is over.

Bobs freaks and goes Void. Norman calms him down and Bullseye is all "Why would I do that? You could kill me in two seconds."

Date: 2010-03-17 11:02 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] twigcollins
Also, I gotta love the absolutely bizarre pose in the panel where she slaps him. God forbid she get one good outraged hit in. Nope, just has to be cringing and cowering and whimpering all the way to her stupid death.

I never even liked her and she deserves better.


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