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Are you an immortal crime lord in need of a caring and reasonably priced childcare provider? Has your son or daughter's attempted patricide put a slump in your relationship? Want some relief? Well, look no further, because now there's Rent-a-Bane.

Here at Rent-A-Bane, we respect same sex relationships.

We know what your child needs.

We help maintain healthy diets!

Of course, nap time is a must.

We'll risk anything to do the job right! Stabbings? No problem!

Torture and mutilation? Sure thing!

We're just that dedicated.

So entrust your kids to us today.

Our commitment to your little ones is matched only by our love of vengeance and draining spinal fluid.

All of the above scans (save the last one which I believe is from #9) are from various issues collected in Secret Six: Unhinged. I can't wait until Depths comes out in April! I've already got it pre-ordered and I'm ridiculously excited about it.

Here's another favorite scene of mine from #10. Bane wakes up from a nightmare.

The next day...

random Catman in his underpants

Mmm... Floyd eyecandy.

Fanartist can be found here. I think I might do a Ragdoll greatest hits next time.

Date: 2010-03-19 08:29 am (UTC)
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you might like how things go for her.

Truthfully, it was a pretty honorable - even, dare I say, almost heroic - death. Which means that personally, I'm more conflicted by it than pleased. On the one hand, in a genre where important, awesome women with history and team headlines get abused or crippled or killed in tears or driven mad with power on a regular basis, seeing a character who is not important or awesome - who is, in fact, a murdering rapist and the refined, one-woman symbol of an utterly heinous storyarc - get a dignified, respectful, powerful ending is maddening.

On the other hand... this is a genre where women get abused or crippled or killed in tears or driven mad with power on a regular basis, and I can't say it could possibly have ever sat well with me to send off Tarantula in a vile or abusive way either, because no matter how much she individually might deserve it, you can't separate that from the wider trend, or how disgusting that is as a genre-wide phenomenon. So Gail's choice to deliberately buck that trend, even, yes, with this character of all characters, is also a profound relief.

So, yeah, I wouldn't call it an uncomplicated sop for Tarantula haters, at any rate. It's far too nice to her for any kind of straightforward schadenfreude, if that's what you're after.


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