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Know what's a horrible, beautiful, fascinating disaster?

Specifically today I refer to the actual crossover title itself, the second issue of which came out today. I will spare you the ludicrous and laughably pointless cameo by thong-up-her-ass Dinah and Jim-Lee-idiocy-costume Helena and the ZOMG Black Mask is a dangerous badass!!1! posturing, and go straight to the Batboys nonsense.

As we saw in the preview, Jason kills some people and Dick gets mad at him; Dick follows this by going home and sulking about the legacy, and then we get this hilarious page:

He's so outraged! How dare Tim do exactly what he was about to do!

Meanwhile in Jason's cave, Tim and Selina are poking around and get jumped by Jason, who does not appreciate houseguests. Also, I don't know why I even mention Selina there, because she for some reason doesn't participate in the fight and her presence is just as brief and arbitrary and pointless as the Birds. I will say I like the color choices that make the action and the different players so clear, though.

No words.

However, on the plus side, there is one redeeming panel:

Heh. If they're going to be writing this thing like this, I'm on Jason's side.

(I know some preview pages were posted already, but if I counted right, the issue is 30 pages, not including the Peej preview, so that gives us up to ten.)

Date: 2009-04-08 08:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sistermagpie.insanejournal.com
I seem to remember Judd Winick talking about people having ideas about Jason and he would keep reminding him that he was a bad guy. The impression I got was that he was saying he wasn't a misunderstood anti-hero.


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