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Four scans apiece from Mighty Avengers #35 and Thunderbolts #142.

The last issue of Thunderbolts, the team was sent into Asgard to steal Gungir, the Spear of Odin.  The issue ended with the team being confronted by a detachment of the Mighty Avengers (USAgent, Stature, Vision, Amadeus Cho); this month's Mighty Avengers ties together how the group assembled, given that they supposedly disbanded and some of the group were seen elsewhere:

Oh Quicksilver, you're so useless.

In this month's Thunderbolts, they fight:  USAgent takes on Scourge/Nuke, and knocks his mask off:

The coordination between Parker and Slott for this story has been quite good, though it feels a bit odd to have the resolution to the "Walker hearts Osborn" thing happen in a different book.

USAgent gets Gungir from Paladin, but then Sentry brings everything down, and he loses it.


And returning to Mighty Avengers, the main story has Ultron and his army of brides rampage through the Infinite Mansion, pursuing Hank, Jocasta Prime, Ace and One-Eyed Jacqui (the GRAMPA agents from earlier in the series).  They seal themselves inside Hank's original lab, and Ace starts asking about the other door.  Hank says not to go in there, but...

Didn't see that coming.

 char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: jocasta, char: amadeus cho, char: vision/jonas, char: stature/cassie  lang, char: usagent/john walker, char: nuke, creator: dan slott, creator: jeff parker, creator: khoi pham, creator: wellinton alves, title: mighty avengers, title: thunderbolts, publisher: marvel comics

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I agree, it's rare that my TV tropes training doesn't ruin plot points. Well done Mr. Slott


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