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Four pages behind the cut.

Greed entity = serpent from the Garden of Eden
Rage entity = a transmogrified Cain?
Hope entity = some kind of bird, Ziz? Someone actually suggested Jesus...
Compassion entity = Cthulhu lol

Yeah, the Christian mythology allusions have to be intentional.

(sucks about not getting names for the others though D: )

Also, from /co/ (ignore the blatant typos):

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::puts on nit picker fedora::

Actually, there's evidence that the Star Sapphires can be about more than just aggressive sexifying. Miri the Comparatively-Sensibly-Dressed Star Sapphire from Green Lantern Corps was very pleased about those two married Lanterns loving each other and their newborn baby, IIRC. Something about how there's now three hearts that feel love or something like that? So, I guess that they can totally be all about the platonic love, too.

::takes off nit picker fedora::
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So what you're saying is that what DC is saying is that WW wants to have everyone's babies.
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No way, Wondy just wants to coo over other people's babies!


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