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Booster Gold #30

These are the three pages that in essence are an epilogue after Booster got his sister out of Coast City when she got time lost and landed in Coast City during the Reign of the Supermen.

Old Man Booster! Awww. Makes me wonder if he was the one who trained Rip in a huge paradox.

Other key points. Hypertime is back! Granted I never really thought it left which makes my thought on who Rip's mom is more plausible. 

And I believe that they're more or less saying that it was Old Man Booster who had accessed Kord Industries before and BWA-HA-HA'ed in the 1,000,000 issue.


creator: Dan Jurgens, creator: Norm Rapmund, char: booster gold/michael jon carter, char: rip hunter, title: Booster Gold

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The man, the legend, the little mutant that could... Cypher!
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Ahhhh, yes. You don't get as many chances to gush about him as much as the gymnast, so he'd totally slipped my mind.

Anyone who pals around with someone as adorable as Warlock is all right in my books!