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And many happy returns.

Four scans from Blackest Night #8.

Blah blah, heroes win, white light brings back a bunch of people, starting with most (if not all) of the guys who died during the event, such as the Hawks.  Then there's the big return everyone was expecting out of this:

Martian Manhunter's back, as is Firestorm (both of them; seemingly Ronnie and Jason are now the two halves of the Firestorm persona).  Next up:

And Deadman is alive now (he's pretty sure that's not supposed to happen).

creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis, event: blackest night, publisher: dc comics
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Poor Tempest. First, Cry for Justice retro-actively took away his happy Titans family, then he died, then he got boned on the ressurection front. Of course, Former sidekick of Aquaman? Former Teen Titan? The guy had disposable written all over him.
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I was disappointed Garth didn't make it back.
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Garth, Dolphin and Cerdian not coming back are my biggest disappointments since it was obvious all 3 were killed just for THIS event (which is why I was 99% positive he would be coming back).
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