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Superman Secret Origin #5

Tags: char: lois lane,char: superman/clark kent,title: superman secret origin, Publisher: DC comics

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Hahaha Corban's like the asshole in an 80's sports movie.

"Heh come on Louis, I'll win the surfing championship and you can get away from that loser Clark!"

~cue Bobcat Goldwaith as his sidekick~
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Yeah! And Pa Clark doesn't want Clark to be a surfer, he wants him to be a plumber, but Clark sneaks out anyways to go to the surfing championship, which he wins. And just at the end, after he's got the trophy in one hand, and the Girl(Tm) in the other one, he notices Pa in the crowd, slowing clapping, which starts off a chain of other clappers. He's so proud of his boy!
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And then that mean developer Mr. Luthor throws an embarrassing tantrum because Clark's victory in the surfing contest somehow means he can't bulldoze over the old community centre to sell it to developers anymore.