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The Flash - Secret Files and Origins #1

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Anyone else want Booster Gold to fix Barry's Past and remove this annoying AAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGSSSSSTTTT background?
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Johns tends to plan his stories over the long term, doesn't he? It's possible it may be fixed further down the track.

Just saying.

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God, motto.

I think I was one of the few people here who passionately argued for Barry coming back to life, mainly on the basis that he's the purest antithesis to the ANGST ANGST BURNING PAIN ANGST superhero. The fact that he was a Hope!Lantern indicates that Johns does get what Barry's about on some level!

I'm just hoping that, yeah, Johns has a long-term plan in place here, but I doubt it. Unless it's Superman, Johns seems to think that every single character needs tragedy!angst (and thus reveals himself to be rather sympathetic in mindset to Zoom that way, it occurs to me).
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So now that we know Barry's 'My parents are dead!' motivation is fake/new, what exactly is his motivation then?

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Johns is in love with him. That's all the motivation he needs.

Speaking of which, did anyone else see the photos of all of DC's creators who'll be attending some convention at some point in the future? I forget which issue, it was recently. I was terrified to learn that Geoff Johns is kind of hot. Made me feel so dirty.

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I don't know about you, but if I suddenly developed superpowers, I'd probably do my best to help people. I may not have an Uncle Ben, but the whole great power = great responsibility bit still makes sense to me.

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He was a good, somewhat boring man who gained superpowers and decided to emulate his childhood heroes-- comicbook superheroes. No, really. That's it.

Barry had one of the simplest, cleanest origins, with a built-in tie to the reader. I wish it wasn't fucked with.

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I think the appearance of Jay and the rest of the Flash Family showed it--keep moving forward, keep doing what you do best, not because you're chasing vengeance (which Barry has already said he wasn't doing), but because it's simply the right thing to do and help inspire and be inspired by the past and future generations who are running alongside him.
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Heh, seems like Barry was jealous of Hal, so he started his own Flash Corps. Needs more Jai.
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I may be ignorant here.. but who's the girl!Impulse? Those pigtails look ridiculous.

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I'm already missing happy family Wally, Jai and Iris.

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From what Johns' been saying, Wally will be focusing a bit on his family for a while, at least until the "Flash-centric event" Didido talked about when he said the Wally co-feature and the Kid Flash on-going was on hold.
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Off-topic question related to this issue. The info on Captain Boomerang in the issue was blacked out. Does anyone know if this was a case where Secret File and Origins was supposed to ship prior to Digger's return in Blackest Night 8 and they didn't want to spoil the surprise, or is there supposed to be something more to this Boomer than meets the eye, something like a merging of Digger and Owen? He was identified as Digger, but he's much younger than Digger and the costume is more like Owen's.
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Hard to tell in truth. I think originally the issue (Flash) was supposed to ship the week of Blackest Night.

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So is it Jessie Quick or Liberty Bell?
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Jezebel? Aww crap.
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She seems to switch it up depending on who she's hanging out with that day. The JSA gets Liberty Belle while the speedsters get Jesse Quick.
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They forgot Wally's lightning belt. Shame, because Wally's looks way better than Barry's.
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Motto. Of all the things that rub me wrong about Barry, his belt is one of the biggest!
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Does anyone else miss Jesse's old Jesse Quick costume? With the goggles and the "this is my right boob" Q-symbol?
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I like it better than what she's wearing here, actually, but since what I really want is for Jesse to be have, not really.

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*cues 80s 'awwww + clapping' audience track*
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Interesting that John Fox was included in the Speed Force spread. And the info given for him completely ignores the DC One Million storyline. Another retcon or just using John from an earlier point in his timeline?

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Considering that time travel seems to be an ongoing theme, and that Johns is friends with Morrison and the two were collaborating with what was going on with Blackest Night, it's possible it will be addressed at some point.

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Quick question: Why does Iris Allen look younger? I mean, after Barry's death she raised their two kids in the future, and after that she took care of Bart. When she came back to the 21 century and visited Wally she was in her early fifties. So why does she look like she's in her early thirties now? I mean, it's really conveniant knowing that Barry came back young, too, but still, I feel like I misssed something.
Gosh, I'm so gonna miss Wally now...

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The Speed Force seems to retard the aging the process of not just speedsters, but their family too. So when Barry came back Iris was presumably reconnected to the Speed Force in the same manner that Jay's wife is and she was de-aged.

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man, i really hope this is retcon'd

the reason why i always liked the flashes is because they got super-powers and then ran out there to do the right thing just because it was the right thing to do

no angst, no my parents/uncle/etc are dead! moment.

sigh. like was said above, i hope this is just jones with a long-term plan and not just something he did because he thought barry needed the angst

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So you don't think it makes sense for their time traveling arch-nemesis to go back in time and kill Barry's mother just so he could get off on it?
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I actually thought this was awesome, but I'll admit that it's also, quite literally my first introduction to the Flash franchise. I'm lacking a lot of context but oh god, I can't wait for more and I want nothing to change.
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Flash rebirth was my first ever flash book so we're on the same boat here! Also, I'm ridiculously exited for this series :D

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