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Sorry if this is tl;dr, but I feel misunderstood on the internet and it's horrible ;P

That's why I said "what Marvel does with" Norse Mythology. It's an adaptation, not an accurate representation of the real Norse religion (whatever that would be, considering that our only real sources are a couple of rune stones, archeological evidence and texts written in an era that was already Christianised, by Christians. Every version of Norse Mythology we have is already subject to interpretation and, very often, ideology.)

That said, I find Marvel's version to be a vibrant and internally fairly consistent adaptation (considering that this is comics). Sure, they take liberties, like making Loki, Baldr and Thor brothers, not to mention Sif, who never seemed much like a warrior to me in the stories, and they averted Ragnarok, but I still find it surprisingly good (Americans sure have given us worse representations of other cultures). The whole story of Loki stealing Sif's body, for example: it's not in the mythology, and yet it's perfectly in character for Loki, who has a history of stealing parts of Sif and changing his gender when it suits him.

Note also that I'm not very familiar with the older stuff that was actually done by Kirby and doesn't just build on his work. If it's more like DC's Fourth World then I probably wouldn't like it, either...

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