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Seige: Loki Preview

The God of Mischief lives up to his name. IGN has the preview. So far it looks like a well written take on the character. Two separate pages from the preview behind the cut.

Loki has just finished his mystic chat with Loki, and said that "Loki remains Loki."
And it bugs the heck out of the God of Mischief.

Emo Loki has a point, and that scene shows subtle depth that we've had hinted at in Loki during the Planet X alternative Earth saga.

But he's trying to go about it the wrong way, as he will have nothing to rebuild from. Then again...

*From The Mighty Thor #586, 2004

Looks like Loki has learned, but is applying the lessons incorrectly.

Another preview cut.

Now there is the scoundrel we know and love, true to form.

Remind me, who or what are the ones who seek dead gods?

suggested tags:

character: Loki God of Lies
character: Thor/Donald Blake

writer: Kieron Gillen
artist: Jamie McKelvie

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It's less changing the details though than the... Tone. It's hard to explain precisely, but there is a certain tone to the norse myths, grim, yet humorous and very funny. Marvel's version has a... Different tone? Very much more standard superhero/fantasy.

It's not *really* making Sif a warrior, as much as changing the underlying tone/language. (especially, and I'm glad they've tried to distance themselves a bit, making the gods speak shakespearean english. The connotations of shakespearean english and the prose of the Eddas can't really be farther apart)