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In which Tommy is kinda awesome.

From the Newsarama preview for Siege: Young Avengers. I considered posting the Billy and Teddy bits, but I think Tommy needs more love.


Suggested tags: char: wiccan/billy kaplan, char: hulkling/teddy altman, char: speed/tommy shepard, event: siege, publisher: marvel, creator: sean mckeever, creator: mahmud a. asrar
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Yeah, wasn't thrilled they got merged into one issue. I wanted to get more background on both of their home lives. (Where is Tommy living, anyway?)

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Do they even use that anymore? Most writers just stick them back into the ruins of the Avengers Mansion.

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That's supposedly something Heinberg wanted to deal with.

So until then I guess we assume he's living on the street and none of the other care enough to notice.
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I think it's more than that. Has Marvel *ever* shown that it can tell good stories relating around Runners? If they have, someone please educate me. =)
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He Who Must Not Be Named did a really good Quicksilver story ages ago in X-Factor.
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In a fanfic series I'm reading, he's living with Captain America.

And more!