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When it comes to titles hit hard by the 90s, G.I. Joe is right up there. You see... wait, that guy looks kinda familiar.

The answer is no.

Man, remember when the Joes fought Nazis?

The phrase "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?" has never been more literal. How can you read one line of dialogue in that page and not want to shoot yourself for ever thinking Snake Eyes was cool? And then, just to put a cap on it...

Right there with you, Commander. I guess Cobra doesn't sell drugs. Arms dealing, fear rays, assassinations, that's all cool, but NO DRUGS. Hugs, instead.

I knew drugs were bad for you, but I had no idea they turned you into a 40-year-old midget.

Oh, no, Zorro, selling drugs won't get you independence! Naturally, the Joes have a Drug Enforcement Force for just such an occasion. Sadly, the book was canceled before we ever got the Joe task force we truly needed... the G.I. Joe Fashion Attack Center. "Blue stripes, a domino mask, a soul patch, and a flavor saver? Eat lead!"

char: cobra commander, creator: larry hama, publisher: marvel comics, title: g.i. joe

Date: 2010-04-13 07:52 pm (UTC)
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The "recycled action figures" were rocket-firing Boba Fetts, Super Amigos, and the Mego Greatest American Hero line.


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