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Daredevil Talks To The Hand; or Who Are The X-Men?

Four scans from Daredevil #506, and, as a special bonus, the latest "We Are The X-Men" teaser.


So, Andy Diggle's schedule after taking over apparently got unexpectedly busy, so a co-writer was brought in to get things back on track; after skipping a month, we're back, with Matt still in Japan, trying to bring together the five regional daiymos under this control (well, four; White Tiger is the Daiymo for the Americas, and she's in his court).  One of them is openly defiant, while the other three are secretly manipulating the whole situation to some unknown, evil end.

After a confusing day, Matt tries to get some sleep:


Okay, so not the best dream involving Elektra that might have happened.

Come to think of it, how do his dreams look like that, given that he's blind and relies on radar?

Elsewhere, the Evil Three scheme, are joined by a fourth figure who reports on their plan.  They demand to know where Matt suspects anything.  Cloaked figure laughs and says that as far as Matt is concerned...

I was expecting it to be Izo, so that surprised me.

Nice to have the book getting back on schedule.

Elsewhere, the fourth teaser (the previous three pairing X-Men with such unlikely figures as Spider-Man, Lyra, and Blade):

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1...2....Freddy's coming for you.....