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The Flash #1 A Look into the future and Barry's "Brightest" Day...

Not sure what to make of this. 

Seems well be seeing Barry stopping some dangerous future from coming to pass (poor Booster already out of a job).

As for Barry and the reverse Flash costume it definitely is a mysterious thing. What could make Barry dress as his arch-nemesis?

So what does everyone think? It'll be some kind of a mini? An arc in Flash? A Flash event book?                                                                                               

title: The Flash,char: flash/barry allen, char: flash/jay garrick, char: impulse/kid flash/bart allen, creator: Geoff Johns, creator: Paul Neary, creator: Andy Kubert, creator: Alex Sinclair

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When I look at the Kubert page, I can't help but feel he's trying his damndest to evoke the memory of Mike Wieringo for that page. Anybody else see that?

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I miss Mike Wieringo.