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The ComicBookResources has the preview for #3. One page from the preview from (and more) behind the cut. Spoilers to #2 issue, as well.

T'Challa is referring to this moment, from the previous issue.

T'Challa arrives, and finds Doom holding his wife Storm hostage.
Doom gives T'Challa a countdown of "five" for T'Challa to give him the solution to the last lock, but *spoilers* T'Challa does not, even after Doom concludes the countdown. We get this.

And Doom passes through the mystic arch out of sight.

So... how did Doom beat the enchanted arch?

Did he legitimately find some flaw in the spell to overcome it?
In that moment of meditation, did Doom acknowledge his true nature and remain true to himself?

Or did he pull an Ocean's Eleven? (Switching the vaults during the 5 seconds he had T'challa's undivided attention? How does ten thousand tons of it disappear in seconds?

suggested tags:
event: DoomWar
character: Dr. Doom/Victor von Doom
character: Black Panther/T'Challa
character: Black Panther/Shuri
character: Storm/Ororo Munroe
group: Fantastic Four
writer: Jonathan Maberry
artist: Scot Eaton
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