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A roundup of the X-Men news from C2E2 - not as much news as in some other places, but undoubtedly that's because of "Second Coming" still being only in the early stages.

Both CBR and Newsarama have roundups of the panel.

The "X-Men vs. vampires" stuff, only vaguely talked about, is the first arc of a new X-Men series by Victor Gischler and Paco Medina; they included two contrasting promo images (covers?) which I've put together here:

Nice looking. There's another image by Adi Granov:

Notably, Emma's in both, which would seem to go against speculation that her ticket is about to get punched in "Second Coming".

Conversely, Cable and Nightcrawler are so fucking dead.

Elsewhere, another mysterious promo image for a relaunch of X-Force, which will come in October (so, a few months between the end of "Second Coming" and the start of the new volume), written by Rick Remender, and dealing with Apocalypse. Enjoy another mysterious promo image:

Top one would pretty clearly be Angel/Archangel, I think.

And finally, probably the most concrete news, a reorganization of the Wolverine sub-family of titles, and it all seems surprisingly logical to me:

Logan's had at least two titles for a while, and there are currently three:

- Dark Wolverine (formerly Wolverine), which is now Daken's book, written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu.
- Wolverine Origins, also by Way.
- Wolverine: Weapon X, by Jason Aaron, the best Wolverine book easily.

Wolverine Origins has reached the end of its planned arc, and is ending, so the reorganization effective in September will be:

- Wolverine, by Jason Aaron, relaunched from Weapon X and now the sole Wolverine solo title.
- Daken: Dark Wolverine, the renamed Dark Wolverine, by the same writing team as before.
- X-23, by Marjorie Liu (she has an interview on it here).

Only one solo title for Logan, and it's the best one, to boot. Marjorie Liu is definitely the female writer on the rise at Marvel these days, now with three ongoing titles planned (one of those co-written).

creator: adi granov, creator: paco medina, creator: jae lee, group: x-men, char: x-23/laura kinney, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, publisher: marvel comics

Date: 2010-04-19 09:06 am (UTC)
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Why are we relaunching X-Force? I don't think the current run has broken past the 30's and I don't think a new team is a good excuse to start the numbers over. I wonder if the new X-force will be used for crossovers every 5 minutes like the old one was.

Regardless, it looks like X-force is going to be replaced with X-23 on my pull list.


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