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You wonder why Two-Face is getting hacked off with the modern Robin mannequin instead of the pixie boots version one? He's met Tim, and knows he must be the current Robin (or at least a modern one), that's all he needs.

This story, more than most, shows that Two Face just plain doesn't work as a Robin villain, he exists to be a warped reflection of Batman's dual nature, Robin doesn't really HAVE a dual nature, so his Robin obsession makes no real sense at all.

Plus, also as mentioned before, to give Dick such a major neurosis about Harvey in their first appearance suggests that he would have had a similar reaction every time they fought for all the years he was Robin, and that's a helluva retcon to throw in.

If Robin had to inherit one of the Bat-villains for his own nemesis, it should have been the Riddler. Eddie Nygma wants to outsmart Batman, that would have some cachet. To be outsmarted by the smart-alec sidekick (and Tim would be a natural for Riddler like clues, given his nature) would be a serious thorn in his side and render the R-bearer as a serious candidate for revenge.
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