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The Immortals

Four scans apiece from Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #2 and Sif #1.


In Fall of an Avenger, Athena and Apollo's champions (plus the champions of their allies) duke it out; Athena's people win, but both sides are annoyed by the bosses.  Amadeus gets the help of Phobos to force Pluto to let him into Hades (by threatening Pluto with sickeningly cute visions):

Next day at Olympus Group, Athena finds that Amadeus has taken the job as CEO, and that he plans to use the Group's resources to try to find Hercules.

Meanwhile, in the second story, Venus and Namora continue their world tour of Hercules' holdings, and come across the Lethe Children's Hospital, which, it turns out, is an orphanage/hospital for the children of monsters.  The hospital head explains the history of the place.

They obviously don't make any money doing this.  They then visit the hospital ward, where all the terminally ill monster-kids live:

Venus decides to fudge the books on this place, and says she'll visit with the kids in his place, since she's immortal too.

Over in the one-shot Sif, written by Matt Fraction's wife Kelly DeConnick (also a writer/translator, apparently), Sif gets a visit from Beta Ray Bill and his new girlfriend/sole fellow Korbinite, Ti Asha Ra (lucky that the one Korbinite Galactus resurrected turned out to be someone he could get along with - otherwise it would have been like poor Ruebert from that old Dilbert comic strip).  They need someone to help them reclaim their sentient spaceship from pirates who have taken it over and infected it with a bioweapon; Bill was looking for Thor, but Sif volunteers since he's not around.  The villains are a Borg-esque collective who want to unify the whole universe, so their weapon is mind control, conveniently similar to Sif's recent experience with Loki.  Here, she faces off with the head-villain:

She destroys their main generator-thing, and saves the day.


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